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Ellie Engineer

My Goal is to add more reviews for our beginning chapter book readers. I have noticed that a lot of the books I have presented thus far tend to be for older readers or our preschool and under age groups.

So, I thought I would start off with a book I recently read called Ellie, Engineer by Jackson Pearce. I had talked about the second book in this series being released this past November and it sounded so intriguing to me that I had to read it. Ellie, according to the publisher is aimed for 8-12, however, I would say if your first or second grader is eager to read about Ellie it would also be a great fit.

Ellie wants to be an engineer when she grows up, well, according to Ellie she already is an engineer! She always has her tool belt with her in order to fix any situation or create anything she can think up. It is her best friend Kit's birthday and they over hear from Kit's mom that her birthday present is a dog, just what Kit has wanted. As a surprise, Ellie wants to build Kit a dog house for her birthday present. Ellie however has a wild imagination and her plans have become quite elaborate and she certainly cannot finish this dog house on her own. So she asks for assistance from the boys and girls within her neighborhood. The problem is, will she able to keep this big secret from her best friend?

I really enjoyed this cute read for many reasons. Certainly this is a great book to introduce some aspects of STEM. I believe engineering is such a fun aspect of the acronym, and so many children LOVE to build and create things. This story brings that aspect to life for our readers. In addition to the STEM aspects of the story, I loved that it takes away the cliches of what boys and girls should like to do. For example, in our story one of the boy characters is sad he has not been invited to Kit's birthday party because its a tea party. He actually quite likes tea and tea parties. It helps to break the molds of what we have perceived boys and girls to particularly like and participate in. I mean our main character is a girl and she loves to build things which for many can be seen as a boyish thing to do, but this series shows that anyone can love to do these things. That in itself makes this book such a win win for both our boy and girl readers! So if you have a young reader ready to jump into a good chapter book, definitely give Ellie, Engineer a try! a fun story about friendship, and STEM learning!

If you decide to buy a book I will make a small affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Storytime Sarah!


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