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February 2019 Picture Book Releases

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I feel like it has been forever since I last posted about new picture books. I now see what everyone is talking about when they say that January is 47 days long. Then after what feels like such a long month, we have such a short month for February. However, even with such a short month, publishers are packing February with some great picture books releases. There were so many that intrigued me but also that got me really excited. So why don't we get a sneak peak into what we shall be expecting to be released during the month of February for picture books!

If you decide to buy a book I will make a small affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Storytime Sarah!


Happy Birthday from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle

To be released February 5th | Ages 3-7

Did you know that the Very Hungry Caterpillar celebrated its 50th anniversary? Or should I say birthday? Now, this is more of a gift book that is being released, so it would make a great gift for readers young and old! This is especially true if they are avid Eric Carle fans! I think I also want to mention this book because this month is my nephews first birthday too. I just can't pass up an Eric Carle illustrated work.


Bloom Boom!

April Pulley Sayre

To be released February 5th | Ages 3-8

I love pictures and also taking pictures. Sayre's Bloom Boom! is a picture book depicted with photography images that help show children the magic and the science of flowers blooming. Perfect for nature lovers, explorers and eager learners. I love seeing real images when it comes to showing and teaching children about how things work or happen. It's more realistic and I feel they understand it more. But these images from Sayre are just beyond stunning!



Matthew Cordell

To be released February 5th | Ages 5-6

I LOVE this series from Matthew Cordell. I also LOVE Matthew Cordell. This is the third book in his Wish series that focus on families and their love for their child. Hope is perfect for grandparents because the lions in our story are grandparents to this cub. They express their love and their hope for their grandchild cub! I am seriously contemplating getting this for my parents to read to my nephews.


Spencer and Vincent: The Jellyfish Brothers

Tony Johnston & Emily Dove

To be released February 5th | Ages 4-8

I think I simply have my nephews on the brain with all their first birthday stuff going on. This book stood out to me because these jellyfish are brothers. Spencer and Vincent love each other very much and have even written a song about each other. One day a wave separates them and they know they have to do whatever it takes to find each other. With the help of friends they find their way. The bonds of family and friendship make such a sweet story.


Wordy Birdy Meets Mr. Cougarpants

Tammi Sauer & Dave Mottram

To be released February 5th | Ages 3-7

Sauer's Wordy Birdy returns in this new hilarious tale. Wordy Birdy and his friends are going camping but on their trip they run into a scary Cougar! Can our talkative bird talk themselves out of this situation? I guess our young readers will just have to find out!


Hello, World! Ocean Life

Jill McDonald

To be released February 5th

If I can find a cute board book I am going to want to add it. The illustrations in this Hello, World! book look absolutely precious and give our young readers an intro look to life under the sea! There are many in this series for an introduction to nonfiction with our babies and toddlers. Living in Florida make this a fun read for my nephews.


The Good Egg

Jory John

To be released February 12th | Ages 4-8

If you haven't read John's The Bad Seed, please do. A funny, touching tale but also an entertaining read. So we go from The Bad Seed to The Good Egg! Sometimes trying to be good can be so hard, especially with a lot of influences around you. So, maybe he shouldn't be such a good egg and he makes some changes. Sometimes we just have to learn balance, and John gives his readers a great understanding of that with this new read. I seriously can't wait to read this one.


Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish

Beth Ferry & Tom Lichenheld

To be released February 12th | Ages 4-8

Yes, I know, another birthday story. I can't help it when I have first birthday on the brain. However, this also looked super cute and I couldn't resist. I actually think this would be a great book for when children begin to understand the excitement of having a birthday because Ferry talks about all the exciting things to expect for your birthday!


In the Quiet Noisy Woods

Michael J. Rosen & Annie Won

To be released February 12th | Ages 3-7

Oh my gosh this cover looks so precious. Rosen gives our young readers a beginning look at creatures in the forest, and also their noisy sounds they make. Lyrical text and beautiful illustrations have put this book onto my radar.


The Babysitter From Another Planet

Stephen Savage

To be released February 12th | Ages 4-8

This will definitely be MUST read for me. I have enjoyed Savage's works and this one I am sure will not disappoint. They are literally saying this is an E.T. meets Mary Poppins story with 50's sci-fi references for parents to enjoy. I eagerly await to see what its like having a babysitter from another planet.


Say Something!

Peter H. Reynolds

To be released February 26th | Ages 4-8

I admire all of Reynolds books that focus on positivity and empowerment. Reynolds reiterates this empowerment with his newest title Say Something! There is nothing more empowering than our own voice. If you see something, you say something! We can make the difference in the world and I feel this is so important to explain to our youth.


Monkey Time

Michael Hall

To be released February 26th | Ages 4-8

I am excited to see a new Michael Hall picture book. He created one of my favorite storytime books My Heart is Like a Zoo, which actually is a perfect read for this coming valentines day. Here, Hall helps our young readers learn about the concept of time! The book even includes pages talking about math concepts and also the many animals seen within the book. A fun story but also a fun learning experience. This one is a must for me!


Bird Watch

Christie Matheson

To be released February 26th | Ages 4-8

Another book that I am extremely excited for. I LOVE Christie Matheson. If you are unfamiliar with Matheson, her books are simply wonderful and are great interactive books for our littles, such as Tap the Magic Tree. She returns with Bird Watch, a seek-and-find book that also teaches counting backwards from ten. Children will learn about different birds but they may also find other creatures within the trees as well. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.


The Frog Book

Steven Jenkins & Robin Page

To be released February 26th | Ages 6-9

Here's a fun nonfiction book for our young readers. Did you know there are 5,000 different types of frogs?!? My mind is blown and our young readers can learn all about these creatures with Jenkins newest title The Frog Book. Jenkins and Page are a Caldecott winning pair and have brought so many great titles that talk about our wildlife. So definitely will be a great read for our animal and nature loving kiddos.


Some other great titles to be released:

This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface for titles being released this month. There were honestly some that I didn't include because of limited reviews and such. Again for such a short month they are just giving us book after book for children! Not too shabby for February. Stay tuned for chapter books and graphic novels that are being released this month as well!



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