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New Favorite Board books; According To My Nephews

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I try to read to my nephews as much as I can. This week they are turning one and reading to them has become an interesting challenge. There was a recent article through Bookriot called Bookish Parenting: Expectations Versus Reality that really resonated with me. We are told to read to our children when they are young as much as possible, but let me tell you, now that they are moving and grooving and want to do their own thing we don't always get through the books. My nephews at this stage like to open and close the books themselves, repeatedly. You do your best, and honestly I feel the more you talk to your child truly helps. It really is important for them to hear as many words as possible in order to build their vocabulary. So when you have these expectations of reading all these books to your kids but its just not happening, just remember to keep talking!

But, back to books of course. Now that I know reading can be a little bit of a challenge for this age group, I know that when either purchasing or getting books for them at the library, I try to find particular board books that either contain lift the flaps, are short and to the point or contain real images of babies or things that they know. This really helps with their attention span and it allows me to get through a story. Their favorites have definitely become lift the flap because now they want to touch the pages, and move or hold the book. The lift the flaps become a fun element to the story and also a great way for them to work on their motor skills. I also call these books interactive books. Interactive books have become my favorite way of reading and come in numerous styles, but today we will focus on the popularity of lift the flap books for our babies and toddlers. There are so many wonderful lift the flap board books. Karen Katz, an author who predominately publishes baby board books with lift the flaps, is certainly quite popular and I highly recommend them. Many of you may know Where Is Baby's Belly Button?

However, for Christmas I found a wonderful series that my nephews really enjoy. Ingela P. Arrhenius is a Swedish illustrator with numerous beautifully illustrated children's books. I love her illustrating style with its retro feel, a definite favorite style of mine within the past few years in children's books. She has an adorable series of board books that all start with Where's The. Currently, my nephews own Where's Santa Clause and Where's The Ladybug and others that they will receive for their birthday. I had to get them more because they enjoy the two books so much. What makes this series truly unique is that the lift flaps within the book are felt pieces!

At first I was a little hesitant because you automatically that they will rip them out but lets be honest, a baby or toddler can rip out paper lift flaps in a book too. It's a learning experience for them to not, but it happens. This has not happened for us, but my nephews have gotten the hang of moving the felt to reveal the animal, object or person. There happens to be a mirror at the end of the story to reveal themselves. They absolutely love that part! I absolutely love the discovery process and how they know that is what they should do. I think with any child is simply amazing to observe the learning process and watch the wheels turning through their heads. They are very short reads where each page simply asks the child where is something and then the child finds the item behind the felt. Perfect for a quick read or even to be read over and over again.

With the charming illustrations, fun discoveries and learning experiences, fun interaction and the ability to also practice their motor skills, I simply adore this series and I hope you will enjoy them with your littles as well. There are many titles to choose from in the series giving plenty of options. Course now that I have been perusing her other titles, I see a couple of pop up books, I may have to check those out as well! Just call me a bookaholic.

If you decide to buy a book I will make a small affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Storytime Sarah!


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